LaGuardia TechHire -- Open Code

Day 14: The Waiting Game.

With the weekend over, my anxiety about the TechHire–OpenCode cohort arose. On the last day of the vestibule, we were told that our pending acceptance would be decided and communicated by Tuesday. It’s now Monday and I need answers. My mind went through a crazy whirlwind of questions. When will I find out? Will they notify people who were rejected? How long can I play the waiting game?image03.gif

During the weekend, everyone was booted from the vestibule slack channel and told they would be added to a new channel upon acceptance. Tomorrow might be the deadline, but come on! I alternated between compulsively checking my email and putting my phone on ‘do not disturb’ while I was in a separate room.   FullSizeRender.jpgMy patience, or lack there of, was soon rewarded with information regarding the TechHire–OpenCode cohort with Software Guild.There was no formal email. There was just a notification on my phone from the Slack application., a little orange bubble at the corner of an icon.I was added to a new slack channel. This channel was for the third cohort of the program. I was accepted into Laguardia TechHire–OpenCode with Software Guild. Though it wasn’t the formal acceptance I was hoping for, my excitement was not dulled! The formalities came later that day, so I was really in.



I made it. Well, I made it in. Stay tuned for how I make it through.