LaGuardia TechHire -- Open Code

Day Eight: Intro to Java… Script?

TechHire has a requirement of attending one technology related event. I contemplated going to a hackathon but I was not confident with my skill level in coding. I am a person who enjoys going to events and mingling, so I wasn’t nervous about finding an event that wasn’t too focused on a person’s coding skill. Besides the world wide web, I had a few other resources to find an event that satisfied TechHire’s requirement. When it comes to events New York City is in abundance. After scrolling through just my Eventbrite, I had over 6 events I could attend in the allotted time frame provided by my instructor.

I chose to attend ‘Learn to Code NYC: Into to JavaScript’. Though we are learning Java on Processing, I thought the two languages couldn’t be so different because of their name. Seriously speaking, I have played with JavaScript very lightly and know the general syntax of the language. That being said it was an Introductory course, no pressure right? Well, half right… After spending hours discussing how to evade the imposter syndrome, I still found myself in well within it’s reach. One phrase that sticks in my head from my elders when I’m feeling ill prepared is “don’t embarrass me”. I care for embarrassment even less than green eggs and ham, Sam I am! I managed to concoct reasons of why I wasn’t qualified enough to attend an introductory course! For some, these thoughts would make a person feel stuck, unable to decide one way or the other, but not I. I told myself that I would learn as much Java script as I could in two hours. My binge learning began with me downloading an iOS application called ‘Learn JS’. The application made my 2 hour commute feel like 30 minutes. I didn’t fully notice the delays that seemed to strongly affect that the commuter next to me.

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 11.06.47 AM.png

Galvanize is the company that sponsored and ran the class. Their building space had an open floor plan that made everyone inside feel like family. The open floor layout encouraged me to talk to other attendees even though i wasn’t confident in my knowledge of JavaScript. As the class began, I took a seat next to my TechHire classmate, Danny. The JavaScript class wrote code on an online IDE on I was relieved that TechHire had us make a Github account, because I was able to easily login and save the code I wrote in the class. In the class we learned about how to make functions and I learned about arrays. The syntax of for statements is similar to Java. Learning about arrays and functions here was very helpful to the assignment I had to tackle after the event.

//how to create a function
function pigLatin (str){
var firstChar = str[0];
var restOf = str.substr(1);
return restOf + firstChar +'ay';

function makePigLatin(sentence){
var words = sentence.split(' ');
var translated = [];
for(var index = 0; index < words.length; index = index +1){
var val = words[index];
var pig = pigLatin(val);
translated[index] = pig;
return translated.join(' ');

After the class I talked to the instructor, Donnie D’Amato. He calmed my worries about being a newbie and encouraged me to pursue my dreams, especially if they are difficult. Donnie gave me a great confidence boost when he took the time to show me his page. He showed me his current projects as if he was trying to network with me! Though he was teaching JavaScript, only a couple of his projects had any JavaScript in it. About 90% of his projects were solely CSS and HTML. This comforted me because, as an amateur, I didn’t feel like I had to learn a million languages at once. I can  possible create anything with any language. Dawn’s most frequently used phrase in class is “There is more than one way to skin a cat”. Don’t I believe that now!