LaGuardia TechHire -- Open Code, The Journey

Day 28: JavaScript Starts Now

With a new week came a new language, JavaScript. Today we finally went to JavaScript City. This language helps to make a page interactive that HTML and CSS cannot easily do. To start the day we learned about data types which come on a variety of formats.  These formats include: boolean, null, undefined, number, string, and objects. Booleans are concerned with logic, where they assign if something is true or false. Nulls are used when you want to specifically make a value, nothing. Undefined are a default in JavaScript because values usually aren’t automatically defined. Numbers are pretty self explanatory, they are actually number symbols such as: 1, 13, 28, 6, etc. Strings are concerned with characters and must go in single or double quotes. Objects are when you put values within a value. We spent the day focused on learning data types and objects because they are the foundations of JavaScript.

TechHire–OpenCode relies heavily on self learning and looking to outside resources. With only three weeks to learn three computer languages, I was glad to have another bootcamp that could clarify concepts I left class unsure of. Flatiron’s pre-bootcamp has been helping me greatly with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. After class I hopped on and did exercises that helped me understand the syntax of JavaScript. Since the IDE is very similar to Atom’s text editor, I could easily transfer my in-class learnings.

TechHire–OpenCode teaches me a lot, yet leaves a lot for me to learn on my own. Self Teaching is the main and most important lesson I have learned thus far. Through trial and error and looking towards the World Wide Web, I have gained an immense amount of knowledge. This fact may be worrisome, but I know after this program is finished I can find the tools to sharpen my skills.


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